materials and handouts

General Information

The following materials have been made available by the presenters.  All of the material should be considered proprietary and copyright unless otherwise indicated in the materials.

Session  Topic  Speaker  Link
 General AM Crazy Eddie Fraud Case Sam Antar None Provided
C.1  The Dark Web: Cyber Security and Fraud  Eric Shirk C.1_The Dark Web -- Cyber Security and Fraud.pdf
 C.2 Volkswagon Fraud Case Steve Morang C.2_Fraud Detection and Prevention for Online Platforms.pdf
C.2_Volkswagon Fraud Case.pdf
 D.1  Leveraging Technology in Fraud Investigations and Data Analytics  Jesse Daves & Kirstie Tiernan  D.1_Leveraging Technology in Fraud Investigations and Data Analytics.pdf
 D.2  Detecting Fraud & The External Auditor's Role  Phil Innes & Stacy Williams  D.2_Detecting Fraud _ External Auditors Role.pdf
 General PM  Enron Fraud Case  Andrew Fastow  None Provided


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