materials and handouts

General Information

The following materials have been made available by the presenters.  All of the material should be considered proprietary and copyright unless otherwise indicated in the materials.

Session  Topic  Speaker  Link
General AM  Wolf of Wall Street Case  Gregory Coleman  None Provided

 Finding People and Assets on Social Media

 Mason Wilder
 A.2  Learning How to Read Body Language  Jerry Balistreri  A.2_Learning How to Read Body Language.pdf
 B.1  Cyber Security/Cyber Fraud  Dan Ramey   B.1_Cyber Fraud and Cyber Security.pdf
 B.2  The Shallowest of Men  Jeff Filliter  B.2_The Shallowest of Men - MURDER, FRAUD, MONEY LAUNDERING (LONG VERSION).pdf
 General PM  Ethics  Ryan Hubbs  None Provided


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